We help you create your entire event or only a part of it depending on your needs and wishes.

Entire organization

C&PF, takes in charge the entire organization of your lovely day from day one to d-day. We take care of everything for you to enjoy only the best parts :

  • We search for all the participants of your d-day.
  • We create the planning of your event and we follow up your budget.
  • Your wedding planner will be here for you 7d/7d during the whole organization.
  • We will attend you on the d-day without hour limitation to coordinate your contractors and help you with the unexpected.
  • Decoration arrangement and deinstalling after the event.

Our Objective: make your wishes come true, imagine a magic, happy and welcoming atmosphere, create a wedding that ressembles you and above all allow you to be peace minded so you can enjoy your family and friends of these unique moments.

The entire organization of your event and coordination of the d-day, from 3000 euros.
Our fees are established after a first free appointment depending on your needs and expectations.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on your fees for a « week wedding » or off season.

Partial organization

You want to organize your event but you need some help on certain points to plan your perfect wedding.
C&PF will give you advices and will help you find the best contractors: place of reception, caterer, photographer, video maker, music (DJ, live group…), decoration, announcement and stationery, hair dresser, makeup artistic, creative activities, guest transportation, transportation of the wed, baby-sitter, accommodations…

Fees on demand depending the wished services.


design is a key point in the success of an event, we place it at the center of our attention and expertise.

As a wedding planner we know that the scenery is a key point in the success of an event. It’s the reason why we place it at the center of our attention and expertise.
We respect your envies and we imagine an unique project that will bring you warmth, poetic charm and elegance.
We create the entire setting of your d-day: furniture, dishes, flowers, stationery, ceremony, guest presents, design, visitor’s book…
Whether you choose a bucolic, retro or romantic atmosphere it will be a unique and a coherent experience.

Conception, creation and setting of your design from 1000 euros.


C&PF takes over and coordinates your big day for you to enjoy your special day.

You have planned your wedding with attention but you wish to make the most of your d-day. C&PF takes over and coordinates your big day for you to enjoy your special day.

A few weeks before the d-day, we take in charge your file and we establish with your help the detailed planning of the day. We contact every single actor of your event and confirm with them their services for a perfect day.
On the d-day, we will be there to assure the event proceedings: reception and coordination of the different contractors, respect of the planning, design setting, and solutions of the unexpected.

Fees on demand depending on your needs and number of guests of the event.